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Kyoritsu Indonesia - Leak Logger 5001

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Leak Logger
MODEL 5001



60,000 data is recorded when 1ch is used and when three all channels are used, 20,000 data is recorded for each channel
Continuous measurement time
  About 40 days

Data where it doesn’t disappear even if battery is consumed
  Data doesn’t disappear by using the nonvolatile memory when the battery is consumed and the battery is exchanged. (warranty for 10 years)

Battery residual display
  The battery state is displayed by 4 stages. (When blinking is displayed, it is possible to measure for about one day)

The present time, recording intervals, the start of recording, the recording method, the name of monitoring site and the comment can be set by using supplied software

Selection of one time mode and endless mode
One time on Stop recording when the memory is filled.
One time off (endless) Overwrite from old data and leave the latest data.

Recall function
The latest 10 data can be checked.
The recall data is Display month and date
Display hour and minute
Display current value
Measurements and precision(AC 50/60Hz)
Continuous recording mode  
Range Measurement Accuracy Accuracy of sensor combination
100mA 0 to 100.0mA |±1.0%rdg±5dgt |±2.0%rdg±10dgt
1000mA 0 to 1000mA |±2.0%rdg±6dgt

Event recording mode / The maximum value recording mode
Range Measurement Accuracy Accuracy of sensor combination
100mA 0 to 100.0mA |±1.5%rdg±7dgt |±2.5%rdg±12dgt
1000mA 0 to 1000mA |±2.5%rdg±8dgt

Capture recording mode
*Accuracy of electric current adjudication is different. For details, refer to the operation manual
Range Measurement Accuracy Accuracy of sensor combination
100mA 0 to 100.0mA |±3.0%rdg±2%fs |±4.0%rdg±2.5%fs
1000mA 0 to 1000mA |±4.0%rdg±2%fs
Operation system Successive approximation
Input AC Voltage (AC 100mV/A)
Maximum Circuit Voltage AC 170mVrms, 250mV Peak value
Number of input channel 3 channels
Measurement method True RMS
Measurement interval 1,2,5,10,15,20,30 sec. / 1,2,5,10,15,20,30,60 min.
Over Range Indication "OL"mark appears when exceeding measuring range
Warning of voltage of battery Battery mark display of 4 stages
Battery life about 40 days on the event record mode ( normal temp. )
Insulation resistance 50MΩ or more
Dimensions 111 (L) × 60 (W) × 42 (D) mm
Weight approx. 315g (include batteries)
The maximum display 1049 counts
Applicable standards IEC 61010-1:2001 CAT.III 300V Pollution degree 2
IEC 61326 (EMC Standard)
Power Source Alkaline battery LR6 × 6
Accessories Instruction Manual
Alkaline battery LR6
Softwear for making graphs (CD)
7148 (USB cable)
9118 (Soft Case)
Optional 7185 (Extension Cable)
8141 / 8142 / 8143 (Leakage current clamp sensor)
9119 (Hard carry case) 9135 (Carrying bag)

 Set Model
Model 5001-01 5001-02
Leak logger (Long life type) 5001×1 5001×1
Leakage clamp sensor 8141(Ø24mm)×1  
8142(Ø40mm)×1 8142(Ø40mm)×2
8143(Ø68mm)×1 8143(Ø68mm)×1

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