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Agen Resmi Teledyne LeCroy Indonesia

DDA 8 Zi-A Disk Drive Analyzers

DDA 8 Zi-A models combine all the attributes of WaveMaster 8 Zi-A with additional capabilities specifically suited for disk drive and serial data testing.
Explore DDA 8 Zi-A 

DDA 808Zi-A  (8 GHz Bandwidth, 4 Input Channels, 40 GS/s Max Sample Rate)
Quick Specs
DDA 820Zi-A  (20 GHz Bandwidth, 4 Input Channels, 40 GS/s Max Sample Rate)
Quick Specs
DDA 830Zi-A  (30 GHz Bandwidth, 4 Input Channels, 80 GS/s Max Sample Rate)
Quick Specs
Check up to three models.

20 GHz/4ch Model
Four channel performance at 20 GHz is pristine with exceptional rise time, overshoot, total and random jitter noise floor, and electrical noise performance.
SDAII Serial Data Analysis Software
LeCroy's SDAII software is optimized for fast eye diagram creation on long records, and deep insight of jitter pathologies with more parameters and analysis views to help you understand the root cause of high jitter.
DDAII Disk Drive Analysis Software
LeCroy's DDAII software is specifically suited for disk drive analysis and is included standard in every DDA 8 Zi-A model.
Additional Capability Standard
DDA 8 Zi-A models provide additional capability standard that costs extra in WaveMaster 8 Zi-A models, such as:
  • 32 Mpts/ch memory
  • SDAII software
  • JTA2 software
  • SDM and ET-PMT software
  • 8b10b decode
LeCroy—The Analysis Memory Leader
LeCroy has found a way to make long acquisition memory seamless and pain free to use. The DDA 8 Zi-A Series' proprietary X-Stream II architecture supports capturing, zooming, measuring and analyzing multiple waveforms at up to 512 Mpts deep. DDA 8 Zi-A's proprietary architecture design is augmented with an Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor (12 GHz effective clock rate), high-speed serial data buses, Windows 7 64-bit OS and 8 GB of RAM. What you experience is processing speed 10–100x faster compared to other oscilloscopes in this class.
Highest Stability Timebase and Lowest Jitter Noise Floor
An exceptionally accurate and stable time base is incorporated for the best possible jitter measurement accuracy—jitter noise floor is as low as 140 fsrms. LeCroy provides highly stable measurements at full (512 Mpts) record lengths, simplifying debug of low frequency events.
Freedom from Probing Limitations
High bandwidth differential probes (up to 25 GHz), single-ended active probes, current probes, high-voltage, and mixed signals all connect to the WaveMaster 8 Zi-A oscilloscope and give you a total system view. All WaveMaster 8 Zi-A oscilloscopes contain selectable 50 Ohm and 1 MOhm input capability and can be used with any LeCroy probe—passive or active—without requiring external adapters or power supplies.
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