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HRO 12-bit Oscilloscopes - LeCroy Indonesia

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Teledyne LeCroy Indonesia

HRO 12-bit Oscilloscopes

The HRO (High Resolution Oscilloscope) features an industry leading 12-bit Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC), deep memory of 256 Mpts/Ch, and superior DC accuracy specifications.
Explore HRO 12-bit Oscilloscopes 

Check up to three models.

High Resolution Oscilloscopes HRO 64Zi and HRO 66Zi, 400MHz and 600MHz models
The world's clearest and lowest-noise Oscilloscopes are the new HRO models from LeCroy. LeCroy's High Resolution Oscilloscopes combine true 12-bit ADC's and newly designed low-noise front ends to deliver unmatched signal fidelity. From the crisp, ultra-thin traces to the blazing update speed and responsiveness, LeCroy HRO models provide a shocking contrast to traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes.
Superior Validation, Debug, Analysis
LeCroy HRO models contain a powerful feature set which includes a wide range of application packages, advanced triggering to isolate events, a user interface developed for quick and easy navigation, a wide range of probing options, and lightning-fast performance.
Excellent Signal Fidelity
The LeCroy HRO family features a pristine signal acquisition architecture that offers unmatched signal fidelity with low noise. This performance is augmented by a huge offset and timebase delay adjustment to allow easy signal and amplifier performance assessment and zooming on vertical and horizontal signal characteristics.
A New Way to Navigate and View
The WavePilot control area provides convenient control of Cursors, Decode, WaveScan, History, LabNotebook, and Spectrum by their respective function buttons on the front panel.
The SuperKnob is a joystick-like knob in the center of the WavePilot control area used to easily navigate through tables, zoom and position waveforms, and quickly document and annotate your setups.
Simply slide the button on the left side of the display and rotate upwards 90º. The display will automatically change from landscape to portrait mode. The display will also pivot upwards and downwards to optimize viewing angle.
More Trigger Capability Isolates More Problems More Quickly
A powerful combination of high bandwidth edge and 10 different SMART triggers, four stage cascade triggering, measurement trigger, and TriggerScan are all standard and allow you to isolate the problem quickly and begin focus on the cause. The measurement trigger offers a powerful option to qualify a trigger event based on a qualified measurement with great resolution.
Rotating Display
The 12.1" high resolution WXGA wide screen is designed to provide the best view of any signal type on the display.
The widescreen is ideal for a variety of signals where long records are required and zooming or scrolling results in a large block of data.
Rotate the screen 90° degrees to optimize the display for viewing digital signals, jitter tracks, eye diagrams, and frequency plots. The screen image will adjust automatically when rotated. Tilt the display up or down in either orientation to minimize reflections or glare.
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